Covid19 Live: New webpage by Innews

Innews launched a new daily updated website on the coronavirus timeline (, in Greece.

Sizeable and easy-to-read graphs with the total numbers of cases and deaths, timelines and pie charts with demographics, offer an overview of the pandemic in Greece, in a comprehensible and clear way.

Users can choose to see the timeline stats (cases, deaths, intubated patients) in different time periods, to view how numbers change over time. timelines (κρούσματα, θάνατοι, διασωληνωμένοι) για να δουν με μία ματιά, την διακύμανση των μεγεθών σε βάθος χρόνου. is a free-to-access website and its data are updated daily at 11:10am EDT (18:10 Greece time) according to the official announcements of the Greek Ministry of Health.

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