The Reporting and Analysis department monitors and processes all news topics relevant to the subscriber to create publicity reports.

Media mentions are examined, assessed and categorized, based on their content, and an executive summary of the main news topics is generated, in Greek and English. The department constantly monitors the publicity, to gather and select information focusing on the main and most important news topics.


The Reporting and Analysis team is regularly updated and trained on the latest news and current affairs.

Collection & Assessment

The team collects and evaluates the media mentions / press clips and categorizes them in topics, based on their content.


The results of the above process are adapted to the subscriber's guidelines and feedback.

Quality control

The daily overview is followed by a quality control from specialized personnel.


Με τη χρήση της πλατφόρμας πετυχαίνετε:

Main data analyzed:

Share of Voice

Monitoring of the publicity-visibility progress of the company in relation to its competition. It is calculated as the sum of the General Publicity media share on the number of companies in the sector in Greece.

Publicity Share

The publicity share is the number of mentions about the company divided by the total number of mentions about the competition, as a percentage.

Positive, Negative, Neutral

Monitoring and assessment of the tone (sentiment) of media coverage about issues concerning your company. It is the number of media clippings about your company (classified as positive, negative or neutral), divided by the total media clippings for each company, as a percentage.

Return on Investment

A measure used for evaluating the performance of an investment or comparing the efficacy of a number of investments. To calculate ROI, the benefit (return) of an investment is divided by the cost of the investment and the result is expressed as a percentage or ratio.

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